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Life in the Aftermath of a Narcissist shows the shift in me as a woman, but more to the point, as a being.  Michio Kaku may well have it correct; realities are like papers piled on each other. I have stumbled on worlds and awareness through the epic of joy and heartache.

Life in the Aftermath of a narcissist/psychopath has altered my perception of beliefs, selfhood, and my view of humanity and my place. A sense of humor has returned!

Humanity's Reluctant Connoisseur
Life in the Aftermath of a Narcissist
  by Becky Reed
The Worm Fiasco
  by Carrie-Anne O'Dricoll
The Empathy Trap
  by Jane & Tim McGregors
Healing the Hole in your Heart
True stories of hope and restoration.

Weezie A Palm Beach Story

This book will not get you down. There are wonderful upbeat and laugh out loud funny storiess
it covers most of Weezie's unusual life.

In the Spirit of Hope
Authored by Kimberlee Hope Anderson
If you were to pass by the ordinary home I grew up in, you might assume that a healthy, normal family lived there. What you wouldn't see was the dehumanizing domestic violence, including threats to my life that went on behind those doors. I went on to marry an abusive man who fathered my children, and subsequently nearly killed me. I did everything possible to survive in spite of the violence, but it wasn't until one day when I looked into the faces of my children that I knew in my deepest being that I had to get free. The cycle of abuse had to end.

Ka’Tara Gallagher was murdered on Halloween of 1999 at the age of 20 months in a horrific case of child abuse in Spokane, Washington. Her family knew nothing of the details of her death until 2012 when Carrie-Anne O’Driscoll, now a peace officer in Texas, obtained the case file from the Spokane Police Department.

In this chilling account, O’Driscoll relates the facts of the case through case reports, photos and statements in an effort to enlighten parents, caregivers, teachers and law enforcement of the signs to watch for in the prevention of child abuse.

Written with the full support of Ka’Tara’s father, Dan Gallagher Jr, O’Driscoll relives all of the pain and tumult of the past in the hopes of preventing one more parent from enduring  the loss that the Gallagher family experienced in 1999. A portion of proceeds will be donated through Amy and Ka’Tara’s Legacy to various charities that assist with the education and prevention of child abuse.

Orders can be made on Ebay at

This is my story. A physical, emotional, and spiritual journey from Fear to Love made possible by an evolving connection with the Universe and the Angels.
Is a book that will make you laugh and make you cry but you will never want to put it down.

The darker aspects of life that are inflicted upon Weezie, her father and her son by her evil step mother are truly heart wrenching and frustrating. The suffering inflicted upon Weezie's father by the woman who should have been one person he could trust was horrific.
If, at the time of his death Weezie had known about the crime of Elder Abuse this would have been handled differently. But badly advised by her attorney's no action was taken. Fraud, lies...

My name is Misty Frith. My daughters and I spent almost ten years in a very violent, abusive relationship.

I have worked as a dispatcher and a deputy jailer.  Throughout the turmoil that I lived with, I earned my associates degree in Applied Science and completed paramedic school.

My daughters and I have learned to take the rough times in life and turn them into some thing positive. I wrote the book to share my story in hopes that other women will be able to transform their own lives and to live and pursue their dreams.  
My girls are my rock in life.
I will do anything
to keep them safe.
Judy Hoff, author of Healing the Homeless Heart,speaker counselor, Pastor, Friend and supporter of our group.

Judy is also the Executive Director of Queen Its A New Day
A two day radical makeover for battered women to show them their worth.

"It is not good for man to be alone, so man took woman and tied her to a tree. Woman died from wounds that no one else could see. The people were baffled by her death and seeing the tears than man did shed, thought what a good husband he must be!"
-from "Chasing White Horses-Poetry for Women who Love too Much."

Lorene is a co-host of a morning radio show, an actress, mother and wife.

"Chasing White Horses-Poetry for Women who Love too Much"  is her second book of poetry and is based on her life experiences and those of other women she has known.

It tells in lyrical form, how women can get caught up in trying to make Mr. Wrong Mr Right to the point that she loses her sense of self and accepts abuse; emotional, physical and spiritual, as part of the package of love that one must endure sometimes even to the point of death.

It chronicals the obvious forms of abuse as well as the hidden ones that are often only known by the one being abused. When you cannot find the words to describe your feelings, it helps to have someone else put your pain into words, if only in part, allowing you to feel hope and know that you are not alone. There is healing in the revealing of the hidden.

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Weezie: A Palm Beach Story
  by Louise Ford
Healing the Hole in Your Heart
  by Judy Hoff
Last Kiss
  by Carrie-Anne O'Dricoll
Diary of Abuse: No Justice
  by Misty Frith
Chasing White Horses
  by Lorene Masters
In the Spirit of Hope
  by Kimberlee Hope Anderson
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To all dealing with this entity of a psychopath and the relationship chaos that ensues. This book is the complilation of my blog posts following such an ordeal. We survivors will make it to the other side of this stormy ocean. We are not alone. Although never the same, we are warriors of the spirit. Click link below - Free!
Jane & Tim McGregors New Book! They are our new authors in our group and I'm almost finished reading 'The Empathy Trap' understanding Antisocial Personalities. It  has given me more insight and some new tools for dealing with sociopath's. Also the section about establishing boundaries and regaining control of your life is a really good chapter!

So do  yourself a favor and get this book! Jane and Tim did a great job in presenting the topic
in an easily understandable
way.Filled with case stories,
resources and references.
Like I said it is an easy read
(after all I'm reading it! ),
and it might save your life.
William Collett

Jane with her two guys, son Fin and her husband Tim
Sociopathy affects an estimated 1- 4% of the population, but not all sociopaths are cold-blooded murderers. They're best described as people without a conscience, who prey on those with high levels of empathy, but they lack any concern for others' feelings and show no remorse for their actions. Drawing on real life cases, The Empathy Trap: Coping with Sociopaths explores this taboo subject and looks at how people can protect themselves against these arch-manipulators. Topics include: Defining sociopathy, and related conditions such as psychopathy, narcissism, and personality disorder How sociopaths operate and why they're often difficult to spot Identifying sociopathic behaviour The sociopath's relations with other people and why they often go unpunished Coping with the aftermath of a destructive relationship Re-establishing boundaries and control of your life Practical advice for keeping sociopaths at bay Resources and further help

Victims of domestic violence receive inadequate support from the police and court systems, which discourages the abused from reporting the abuse. We engage, educate and empower women to work together to end domestic violence. The Power of What If© a 501(3)(c) non-Profit Charity. All others are subsidiaries programs.
We are a non-profit charity that receives no government funding and rely 100% on donations.

The Worm Fiasco
“The title comes from a personal belief that men that hit are “Spineless and low to the ground.” Hence, The Worm Fiasco was born.”

In 2000, Carrie-Anne O’Driscoll was 21 years old. She was recuperating from the murder of her niece, drinking more than she needed to and not paying as much attention to details as she should have. She met “John Mulcahy” by chance and her life was never the same again. As she fell in love with an “idea” that she was presented with, she found herself slowly losing everything that made her feel real. At first, small things changed. “John” didn’t want her to work anymore. “John” despised her Dad and the feeling was mutual so he forced her to stop speaking to her parents. They moved to an area with an unknown address.

Then the wedding came and the nightmare began. *The Worm Fiasco* tells the
true story of her dissent into Domestic Violence and fear.

It also details her ascent back to life.

Books available at Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, Borders and

Also available for NOOK!

Carrie-Anne O’Driscoll can be contacted
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Teacher's Anti-Bullying Book Inspires Students
The Author
Lana Duncan Hartgraves is an enthusiastic, energetic teacher certified at both the elementary and secondary levels in Art, Social Sciences, French, and three areas of Special Education, in addition to certification in general Elementary Education. She received her Bachelor's and Masters' Degrees from Rockford College in Rockford, Illinois, and has been teaching for more than two decades.

*There is a teaching lesson that comes with the book. They’re being sold at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and eBay.
Review -
In Just Shades of Brown, two children from different backgrounds end up together when a factory closing forces families to move. Their teacher helps them overcome their fears and discover they are more alike than different. The book helps readers see beyond differences and fosters understanding in an increasingly complex and diverse world. --Publishing Profile